Dr. Deborah Gabriel

Dr. Deborah Gabriel

Academic/Media & EqualitySpecialist

Senior Lecturer in Politics, Media & Communication at Bournemouth University & Founder/Director of Black British Academics.

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Gems soiree copyright ayo banton shades of noir600x400 article
The Independent

Race equality in academia: We've got a huge way to go

The ECU states that the evidence points to institutionalised racism that will persist until serious efforts are made to challenge the structures, systems and cultural attitudes that feed it.

Female student at university of salford mediacityuk article
The Independent

Ethnic and gender inequalities in postgraduate study STILL aren't being addressed

The study, Transition to higher degrees across the UK: An analysis of national, international and individual differences , reveals that women and people from Black Caribbean and Bangladeshi groups hav...

Gems soiree copyright ayo banton shades of noir article
The Independent

Self-empowerment is the best way to defeat racism in academia

Similarly gloomy headlines have been a regular feature over the years from 1999 when the BBC reported that universities 'need more black academics', to May 2011 when the Guardian wrote '14,000 British...